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Hope Springs Australia

Global Vision, Local Service...


Welcome to Hope Spings Australia

Hope Springs Australia was established in April 2000.

Initially we purchased a X Fonterra Powdered milk facility in Legerwood Tasmania.

Since 2000 we have been building a beverage company and our lead brand is "Love from Tassie" Spring water.

In recent years we have been receiving enquires globally for products to be supplied for markets in India, China, Vietnam, Dubai, Malaysia, Africa. We now act as a conduit between growers sellers and buyers. We are the local face to an international food market. 

To accommodate these requests we have formed alliances with key partners in several countries as well as in most states of Australia.If you want products and service in Australia or assistance with any product service or Agri investment please contact us. 

Investment opportunities.

BABY FORMULA- Tasmania - HSA in conjunction with partners are now undertaking a capital raising to rebuild the powered milk facility into a new globally best practice facility. {$300 Million}

Property developments- Sydney  CBD and Western suburbs. {$200 to $350 million.}

Agri - property purchases and conversion Dairy project. {$250 million} TASMANIA.

Africa- large scale Organic farming and cattle raising.  {$1 billion USD.}
Milk processing to powder. 


1} Underground Dairy pipelines-  Tasmania. {$50 million}
2} under water pipelines Queensland { $150 million.}
3} under water hotel Great barrier reef. NTH Queensland { $150 million.}
4} Freehold island building project Queensland {$30 million}   

These are current medium to long term investments we are currently preparing for market.
If you would like to be involved with our growing company or would like to buy products from Australia then please email

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